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About The BOLD Leadership Network

BOLD is a Choice

The year 2014 marked the first time that more students of color than whites were enrolled in American public schools. Yet according to the national data, black male educators still only make up a mere 2% of the workforce.

In a 2017 Johns Hopkins study, research showed that having just one black educator in elementary school for black males may reduce the risk of dropping out by 39%. Black male educators can make all the difference. 

The BOLD Leadership Network is committed to making a positive impact on the greater community by providing customized fellowship programming and an affinity group for Black male educators, expert-level consultancy for organizations, and community wide conversations to highlight the part we all play in improving experiences for all our neighbors. 


Mission & Vision


To provide strategies, partnerships and programming from Black leaders in education to advance equity and opportunity for all students and communities. 


BOLD leaders positively impacting every community

BOLD's Values

Our values are founded in research that uncovered the 8 most common reasons Black professionals feel held back from advancing their consulting careers. We’ve put those findings into action as values we live out daily. 


Our Goals 

  • Develop Safe Spaces and Affinity Groups

  • Impact the conditions for systems change

  • Demystify negative perceptions of black men in the community

Join Us

At BOLD, we know we cannot do this work alone. We need partners, allies, buddies and givers to make our mission possible. 
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