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Leadership Fellowship

Personalized leadership training providing proven strategies to improve outcomes

Building The Future of BOLD Leaders

The BOLD Leadership Fellowship is a personalized leadership training that provides participants with proven strategies to improve outcomes in their communities and organizations. 


During a 4-week leadership cohort, in partnership with other community organizations, the fellowship meets twice a month to: 

  • Develop strategies to better engage the black community, with a specific emphasis on black youth;

  • Learn the historical context of the community;

  • Collaborate on a team community project to help eradicate disparities in the Black community (i.e. mentoring, church support, minority business assistance, policy advocacy.) 

Application processing fees apply.


Fellowship Objectives

This personalized leadership training provides you with proven strategies to improve outcomes in your community and organization:

  • Engage in critical conversations about the state of students and the overall community as it relates to race, diversity, and education

  • Experience an immersive dive into the lives of Black citizens, with an emphasis on Black youth

  • Analyze our own internal biases, cultural understanding, and impacts on those around us

  • Develop skills and credentialing for understanding bias

  • Develop a culminating team project that works towards addressing disparities in the community (ex. student / school partnership, policy, art, business-owner, church)


Curriculum covered in each fellowship includes: 

  • Session 1: BOLD: What, Why, & How | Understanding the Intersection of History and Outcomes in our Community

  • Session 2: Bias and Cultural Competency | Micro-Credential in Bias

  • Session 3:  Full-Day Leadership Training

  • Session 4:  Final Presentations

  • Evening Reception with Keynote (Later date)


Guidelines for each fellowship include: 

  • 15-20 participants per cohort

  • 50% of participants are educators

  • 25-50% Black male representation

  • 50% split between application or invitation process

  • All sessions led or co-led by a Black male

Honorarium for speakers/guests available. 

To sign up as a BOLD Leadership Fellowship participant, please fill out the application on this page.


Please note there is a fee to attend the fellowship which includes your curriculum, administration supports, events and access to the BOLD Leadership Network community.


Scholarships are available. 

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