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BOLD Allies

Allies are not only supporters, but also have a common interest with those they desire to help. 

Commit to a BOLD Future by Being a BOLD Ally

The BOLD Leadership Network is committed to making a positive impact on the greater community by providing customized fellowship programming and an affinity group for Black male educators, expert-level consultancy for organizations, and community wide conversations to highlight the part we all play in improving experiences for all our neighbors. 


All of this work is made possible through intentional collaboration with our BOLD Allies. Allies unite themselves with another to promote a common interest. Allies are not only supporters, but also have a common interest with those they desire to help. 


A BOLD Ally is an individual or organization who supports in one or more of the following ways: 


  • Provides financial and/or in-kind support 

    • Examples of in-kind support include use of venue space, relevant resources, professional learning opportunities, advocacy, promotion, etc. 

  • Believes in our mission: To provide strategies, partnerships and programming for Black leaders in education to advance equity and opportunity for all students and communities. 

  • Is dedicated to promoting the vision of BOLD: To have a BOLD Leader in every community. 

  • Learns alongside the Battle Buddies affinity group and grows from the BOLD consultants 

  • Intentional about learning and sharing culturally relevant practices 

  • Participating in workshops, forums, and professional development opportunities 

  • Advocates for the work of BOLD 

  • Refer potential prospective BOLD Allies and prospective Battle Buddies 

Please see the 2023 BOLD Sponsorship Packet which provides details on how your contributions can and will support our vision, mission and goals.


Please complete this form below and we will be able to move forward! 


Thank you for all that you do! 

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A Special Thank You to our BOLD Allies

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