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BOLD Services

Serving a BOLD Community

Less than 2% of educators in the United States are Black males. Yet, Black students, especially Black boys from low-income households, are 39% more likely to graduate from high school and enroll in college when they have just one Black teacher in elementary school*.

We’re here to make sure there is a BOLD Leader impacting every community by providing customized fellowship programming and an affinity group for Black male educators; expert-level consultancy for organizations; and community wide conversations to highlight the part we all play in improving experiences for all our neighbors. 

Our four key areas of focus allow us to reach into the community and offer resources and safe spaces for conversations and growth.


Learn more about each of these services and how you can get involved by clicking on the links below. 


 Open discussions designed to embrace the community with experts in the field of education around areas of impact and opportunity. 

BOLD Leadership Fellowship

Personalized leadership training that provides participants with proven strategies to improve outcomes in their communities and organizations. 

Battle Buddies

An affinity group to create a safe space for Black education professionals who may not feel heard, seen or understood in their larger community. 

BOLD Speaking & Workshops

Designed to provide customized opportunities to meet the needs of your community or organization by advancing the mission and vision of the BOLD Leadership Network 

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